Take another look at Battery Backup Systems

Battery Backup Power is only getting better.

Most people don’t realize that if you have solar power on your home or business, and there is a power outage, you can not use the electricity your panels are producing. Due to the danger of back feeding electricity on the grid when workers are trying to fix it, there are laws in place to force your system to shutdown to protect the linemen from this potential hazard. The exception is having and Grid Tie Battery Backup System, coupled with an Anti-Islanding Inverter, such as the Magnum Magna-Sine Hybrid Inverters, that sense the grid is down and automatically switch to solar and battery power only, while simultaneously shutting power off to the grid. This allows an almost seamless automatic transition to backup power so quickly that most users don’t even notice the power went down.

  • Keep critical equipment powered during grid outages.

  • Noiseless instant power available when you need.

  • Avoid loss of frozen or refrigerated foods.

  • Make your neighbors jealous.