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Do You Have Electrical Work We Can Help With?

Providing Electrical Service and Power Solutions to the Surrounding Seattle Area.

Our experienced licensed and bonded master and journeyman electricians are dedicated to providing the professional high quality service to the communities in the surrounding Seattle area, including Everett, Shoreline, Edmonds, Bothell, Kirkland, and Bellevue.  Our team works hard to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of electrical work including:

  • Residential remodels
  • New home builds
  • Commercial office space renovations
  • Solar power installation, Industrial electrical solutions
  • Low-Voltage including data, sound, security system
  • and much more

Our dedicated crew of Electricians show up on time with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done to the highest industry standards. Our office and scheduling team will work with you to make sure you get the fastest and most efficient timeline to ensure the prompt completion of your project.

New Service and Panel Upgrades

A common practice these days is to upgrade your home’s old electric panel to 200Amp service allowing more room for additional circuits, vehicle chargers, and are often replacing antiquated unsafe equipment. We can also install critical load sub panels for backup power solutions like Solar Battery Backup and Generators.

Today’s homes have much higher and more dynamic energy demands. Between Electric Vehicle chargers, modern computing needs, alternative energy technology most homes in Seattle need electrical panel upgrades to accommodate those demands. Our team of electricians are professionally trained to upgrade your electrical service and install new circuits for all energy needs.

Are you currently renting or planning to? Do you have trouble collecting electric bills from your tenants? We can help by installing a separate meter for your rental/ADU, you can differentiate power and allow your tenants to pay the utility directly.

Residential Remodeling & New Home Builds

Whether you are updating the electrical panel and wiring in your existing home or building an entirely new home, we have the experience to help you along the design process to make informed decision on your electrical plan. We can help with questions about service amperage needs, lighting plans, location of switches, outlets, dedicated circuits, and guidance on future expansion plans, such as wiring battery backup critical load panels and sizing your breaker box for future needs.

Our skilled team has worked on LEED Platinum rated homes, showcasing the highest level of sustainable workmanship.

We install dedicated circuits for appliances, power to outdoor lighting and security cameras, installation of any type of indoor light fixtures ranging from recessed can lights to chandeliers, specialty lighting including under-counter, spot lighting, low-voltage, and working with designers for custom projects.

Commercial Electrical Solutions

We offer power solutions for office electrical, production facilities, dedicated power circuit needs, data centers, retail storefronts, and other commercial applications. We work closely with businesses to understand their electrical needs and offer expert advice and unique custom solutions, enabling us to solve some of the most diverse challenges.

We have a team of skilled licensed electricians ready to install advanced commercial electrical applications based on your needs.

Galaxy Electric & Solar worked with the city of Seattle to install these solar flowers in the city center near the space needle.

Serving the Greater Seattle area with advanced electrical solutions. Give us a call when planning your next project.

Solar Energy Solutions

Specializing in Photo-Voltaic Solar Power Systems, GE&S can help you decide if Solar is right for you. Our Solar PV specialists are here to guide you and answer your questions. We offer design ideas, site analysis, system monitoring, installation, and a workmanship guarantee. Current State incentives have just been passed approving an 8 year guarantee to credit you for the energy you produce, even if you use it. This means, you not only save on the cost of energy you would have paid the utility, but you now also get paid between 16-21 cents/kW.

Our experienced team has installed hundreds of unique PV arrays on homes, businesses, and schools. Our company has worked with Shoreline community college to build and implement the Solar training building that is teaching and helping usher in the future of solar in our community.

Solar Power is evolving everyday and we are working closely with the industry of producers and engineers involved in exploring these technologies and other alternative and sustainable options, so we can keep implement these advanced solutions.

Many of our latest solar projects have been installed as “Battery Backup Ready” by installing an inverter and components at little extra cost that allow the potential of a battery backup system to be added in the future, they are not only saving money, they are also investing into the future of autonomous energy. The future of battery technology is improving, but it hasn’t kept pace with the solar panel industry. Only now are we starting to see major advances in energy storage that are more efficient, affordable and ecological.

Our systems are compatible with LG, Powerwall 2, and other traditional and emerging battery backup systems. Combined with state of the art solar panels, inverters, and monitoring systems, we provide a bigger picture solution to your current and future energy needs.

Trusted Partners

We work closely with the community of Shoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle to provide more than just electrical services, we also strive to educate people about sustainable energy through social outreach.