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Troubleshooting electrical issues in Seattle area

Are your lights dimming or flickering when the microwave is on or when the air conditioning turns on? Do you have a non-working outlet or working intermittently at best? Are your fuses blowing? Do you have a pesky electrical circuit breaker that keeps tripping or killing power to an area of your home? Have you detected sparks or noticed occasional smoke coming from an outlet or appliance in your home? If you have any of these problems then let our electricians in Seattle fix all your electrical issues. We possess years of experience with troubleshooting electric outlines, lights, electric switchers, electric wires, or any other electrical equipment connections in a commercial or residential building. Our professionally trained electricians will safely troubleshoot and repair all your electrical issues in Seattle area.
We are experienced and licensed. Our trucks are equipped with the necessary tools to troubleshoot, inspect and repair any electrical issues you may have.

Inspection. Some electrical issues are easily identified through pure observation. Things like over–lamping (using a bulb too high in wattage for a light receptacle), or overloading an outlet. Other electrical problems will require the use of a voltage meter, circuit tester, and tracing. Identification - when a specific electrical problem is identified, the causes too must be analyzed. We will systematically check all possible causes of an electrical issue until we find the origin of the problem.

Prioritize the Cause. Often more than one issue can be the cause of an electrical defect.

Repair and Test. Electrical problems can come up at any time and for many reasons: remodel work, poor installation, or even electrical failure due to age and outdated standards to name a few.
Avoid homemade, potentially unsafe do-it-yourself repairs. Proper electrical wiring is a vital concern since faulty electrical wiring can cause unpredictable damage, including fire. Call us today for all your electrical troubleshooting and electrical repair needs! Electrical troubleshooting is just one of the many residential electrical services we offer.