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power distribution in Seattle area

We do more than just delivering energy to your homes and businesses, we do it in a way that ensures the energy you receive is carbon-neutral, protects the environment, and is equitable for all of the customers we serve. To deliver environmentally responsible, safe, low-cost, and reliable power, we must monitor and measure how effectively it is being distributed through our extensive network of transmission towers, substations, and distribution lines to get to your homes and businesses.

Here is how power distribution works
-Power is generated from dam/powerhouse
-Substation transformer steps up voltage for transmission
-Transmission lines carry electricity long distances
-Neighborhood substation transformer steps down the voltage
-Distribution lines carry electricity to residents
-Transformers on poles step down electricity before entering a residence
-Service line for resident

Contact us if you need any power distribution work in Seattle area. All of our electricians are licensed and trained.