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Plugs and switches

Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling your old home we can make your home more user-friendly. Most homes are not equipped with enough electrical outlets so in most cases, people will just add an adaptor or power strips to an existing two-outlet receptacle to allow more devices to be plugged into one outlet. That can cause a danger of overloading the circuit or even worse the fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 19% of non-residential building fires and 13% of residential fires are due to equipment, appliance, or electrical malfunctions. By adding more outlets you are reducing the chance of fire and danger.

If you decorate for holidays, think about what you need for electrical outlets. Overloading an outlet for a Christmas tree is common and, unfortunately, is a leading cause of house fires.

We are happy to make your home safer and user-friendly by adding additional electrical switches, outlets, and lights to your home. With our experience, all switches, outlets, and lights will be wired properly, safe, and to code. Call us for all your electrical needs.