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Rewire of home in Seattle area

Improve Your Home’s Electrical Efficiency and Safety
Does your home have an electrical system that's over 25 years old? If it does, you may want to start thinking about electrical rewiring. Electrical rewiring of the whole house is an upgrade that makes sure your outlets are working safely and your appliances are getting adequate power. It also ensures your home is up-to-code with local and national electrical codes established for your safety. We can inspect your home and determine in what state your electrical wiring is. If we recommend any electrical work you can count on us to give you a thorough understanding of how it can benefit you.
You should consider electrical home rewiring if you notice any of these signs:

-Poor lighting throughout your home
-Knob and tube wiring that’s ungrounded
-You’ve gotten shocked by appliances
-Circuit breakers are tripping frequently
-You have flickering or dimming lights
-Mixed dated and modern wiring
-Lights buzz when they’re turned on

If you need electrical home rewiring or electrical inspection in Seattle area, contact us and we will arrange everything. All our electricians are trained and licensed.